Penis Implant

Penis Implant

Penis Implant
Penis Implant Surgery is a 20 minute procedure by the world renowned urology surgeon Dr. Edward Gheiler.[more]

Inflatable Penile Prosthesis

Penis Implant Inflatable Penile Prosthesis
The most popular penile implant is the inflatable penile prosthesis with the one touch release.

Flexible Rod Penile Prosthesis

Flexible Rod Penile Prosthesis
With the flexible rod penis implant, you will be able to have orgasms if you were having orgasms prior to the surgery.[more]

Penis Implant

Penis implant surgery takes 20 minutes for the inflatable penile prosthesis implant procedure at the Urology Specialists Florida Center. Dr. Edward Gheiler offers both the malleable penis implant and the inflatable penis implant penis surgery.  The most important criteria for choosing a surgeon for your penile implant is experience. Dr. Gheiler has implanted over 800 penile implants and diagnosed and treated thousands of men for impotence.  Over a decade ago Dr. Gheiler opened the Urology Specialists Center with the focus of diagnosing and treating erectile dysfunction causes along with a comprehensive diagnostic bladder symptoms and bladder surgery center. As the urology specialists center became known throughout the world he expanded his urologic surgery practice by increasing the size of the medical staff and the newest medical technology at the Urology Specialists Center. Dr. Gheiler has also expanded the practice to other medical and surgical centers throughout South Florida. The Urology Specialists Center has turned into an International Urology Center with kidney, bladder, prostate, and erectile dysfunction urologists, nurses, technology specialists and a large supporting staff to help you with any medical, scheduling, insurance, diagnostic tests, or procedure information that will address your particular situation. Our urologic surgery center is involved in ongoing clinical research trials to help push medicine into the future while offering our patients the best solutions available.

Penis implant procedures and other erectile dysfunction remedies are varied and created for different medical solutions that address the many impotence causes. Our clients are evaluated and the best solutions are offered and explained so we can give the remedy that fits their needs. Erectile dysfunction solutions may be oral medications such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Penis pumps are also used by men with impotence and they come in a manual pump and an electrical penis pump. Others prefer using Muse which is a urethral suppository. Sexual health and enhancement has been provided by our Miami Urology Center for over 10 years.

Urinary symptoms such as urinary retention, stress incontinence, microscopic hematuria, kidney pain, frequent urination, and gross hematuria are the most common complaints that urology specialists diagnose. Our comprehensive center helps alleviate prostate symptoms for enlarged prostate with the new prostate surgery called the button; to vaporize and cauterize the excess prostate tissue that squeezes the urethra closed creating urinary retention and frequent urination. We also offer green light laser, transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) and medications to help shrink the prostate and relax the bladder neck to allow urine to leave the bladder. Other procedures that our urologists perform in our office that need only local anesthesia and are minimally invasive are the radio frequency ablation of the prostate (radio frequency therapy), and microwave therapy. For stress incontinence Dr. Gheiler performs a prolapse surgery (bladder sling) to lift and hold a dropped bladder back to its original position. If cancer bladder tumors are found then a bladder surgery to remove them is performed. If the pathologist and urologist find cancer bladder invasion has gone deep into the bladder wall a cystectomy or partial cystectomy will be performed.

Penis implant penile surgery may need to be used when urologic surgery or prostate cancer has damaged the nerves that control blood flow to the penis. This is one of the reasons Dr. Fernando Bianco has now joined Urology Specialists as the head or robotic surgery. Dr. Bianco has performed over 300 laparoscopic and robotic surgeries. Dr. Bianco uses da Vinci surgery on the kidney, prostate and bladder. When he performs a da Vinci prostatectomy the da Vinci surgery robotics allow for  a magnified 3D view and micro fine movements that allow for “nerve sparing” which has been found to increase the ability for erections after a radical prostatectomy. Other nerve sparing prostate cancer procedures that may help to keep the nerves that control erections intact are prostate radiation and prostate cryosurgery.  Testicular cancer symptoms are also diagnosed and treated in our Miami Urology Specialists Centers. Our facility can also diagnose a kidney mass whether it is renal cell carcinoma that needs a kidney surgery called nephrectomy or partial nephrectomy or renal stones that need kidney stones treatment.


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Penis Implant
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